Yoyogi Kaikan (代々木会館 Yoyogi Kaikan?) is a building located in Shibuya, Tokyo, and the place at which Hina Amano gained her Sunshine Girl ability.


Yoyogi Kaikan is notable for its run-down appearance and its rooftop tori shrine. It's not as tall as other surrounding buildings, however it's prominent amongst other multiple-storey buildings due to its abandoned appearance.



Although a regular abandoned low-rise building to Tokyo's residents, it appears to have a connection to the Sunshine Girl folklore described by the priest, as, when Hina ventured to its roof after being lead there by a beam of unnatural light, she was transported to the sky and converted to a Sunshine Girl. The tori gate atop its roof seems to be a gateway to the cloud country that absorbs faded Sunshine Girls, as any who cross it, even if they're not Sunshine Girls, will immediately be transported to the sky.



It is unknown when the building was constructed or why it was left in ruins. In 2020, Hina, catching a glimpse of the light shed on its rooftop, exits the hospital she was staying with her mother at and heads to the building. She crosses the shrine gate and is made a Sunshine Girl.


Hina clears the sky.

When Hodaka Morishima and Hina run from the shady host, Hina leads them to the building. They climb the staircase and enter the building's lower levels, and Hodaka throws away the gun he picked up on the floor of the storey after Hina berates him for using it. Hina and Hodaka converse after this, and Hina then leads Hodaka to the rooftop and clears the sky to demonstrate her abilities. The two introduce themselves to each other atop the roof.

After Hina has been spirited away, Hodaka runs to the building to save her. He runs into Keisuke Suga who tries to stop him, but Hodaka reclaims the gun he left on the building's floor and aims it at him to stop him. The police surround the two, but Keisuke, who's had a change of heart, and Nagi Amano manage to get Hodaka free. The boy runs to the rooftop and crosses the shrine. He's transported to the sky where he finds Hina, and the two fall back down together, found unconscious under the tori gate soon afterwards.


It's unknown what state the building is in at this point, as most of Tokyo has flooded, though it's likely that it was submerged due to its small size.


  • Yoyogi Kaikan is a real place in Japan, and is not a fictional entity. Weathering With You makes use of it and some other buildings from real-life Tokyo in its run which makes the plot more relatable to Japanese viewers.
    • Yoyogi Kaikan's coordinates are 35°41'00.4"N 139°42'06.8"E.


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