Volume 3 is the third and final volume of the Weathering With You manga adaptation by Makoto Shinkai and Wataru Kubota. It was officially released in English tankobon on May 4, 2021.

Cover Illustration

The cover illustration depicts Hina Amano and Hodaka Morishima during the sky falling scene, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes as they fall through the sky. The manga's title is displayed in Japanese down both sides in yellow, and in English down the volume's right side in blue. The authors' names can be seen in blue on the left side of the cover.

Volume Summary

Come rain or shine.

The skies have reclaimed the Weather Maiden, and Hodaka is on the run! All Hodaka cares about is saving the girl who took his world by storm, but is he willing to tempt the fates to bring sunshine back into his life?

Final volume!

Chapter List

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