Volume 2 is the second volume of the Weathering With You manga adaptation by Makoto Shinkai and Wataru Kubota. It was officially released in English tankobon on January 21, 2021.

Cover Illustration

The cover illustration depicts Hina Amano with her hands clasped in prayer in front of a pale blue-yellow background. A yellow umbrella adorned with rain spirit plushies can be seen in the background, as well as drops of rising rain in blue and yellow. The manga's title is displayed in Japanese down both sides in blue, and in English down the volume's left side in black. The authors' names can be seen in black on the right side of the cover.

Volume Summary

Hodaka has finally started to feel like he's found his place in Tokyo with Hina and Nagi, but his sunny days won't last forever. The Sunshine Girl powers are beginning to take their toll on Hina, putting her in danger of disappearing into the skies. And as the rain returns and Tokyo's weather starts to intensify, an incident from Hodaka's recent past closes in on him. He'll have to fight to survive and keep the light of his life from fading out, but can he change the sad fate that awaits the Weather Maiden?

Chapter List

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