Takai (高井 Takai?) is a police officer in the Tokyo force and the partner of Yasui.


Takai is a tall and stern-looking man with pale skin and black hair, worn styled into a pompadour that protrudes outwards over his face. He has small, dark eyes with prominent lower eyelashes, and is often seen wearing a formal black suit with a red tie.


Takai is shown to be a strict and stern officer in contrast to Yasui, likely because of his more recent appointment. He clearly takes his job very seriously and is logical when performing his duty in the force, never letting his emotions alter his actions.



Yasui and Takai discuss Hodaka.

Yasui and Takai are first seen chasing the host who cornered Hina Amano, eventually getting the man to stop running so they can question him about Hodaka Morishima. Takai shows him a CCTV image of Hodaka pointing a gun at him, and interrogates him about what he knows. The policemen then head to a restaurant and discuss Hodaka over ramen, concluding that he's likely a runaway.

Much later, Takai and a female officer arrive at Hina's house and interrogate her about Hodaka's whereabouts. It is revealed that Hodaka's parents filed a missing person report and the police officers are investigating his use and possession of illegal firearms. He also informs Hina that social services will be called in to take away Nagi, Hina's younger brother, because they are minors with no legal guardian.

After Hodaka and the Amano siblings ran away, Takai tracks them down to a hotel and captures Hodaka and Nagi Amano, Hina having disappeared from the room during the night. He takes Hodaka to the police station and interrogates him during the car ride, to no avail. Hodaka manages to escape the station on foot to look for Hina, and Takai gives chase. They eventually end up at the tower Hina gained her powers at and the police officers surround Hodaka. However, Keisuke Suga and Nagi stop them and Hodaka manages to save Hina. It's implied that the two were caught after returning, as Hodaka was then sent back home on probation.

There is no mention made as to what happened to Takai or how he coped with the subsequent flooding of Tokyo.


  • Takai's name contains the kanji for "high, tall" ( taka?) and "well" ( i?).
    • He shares the final kanji of his name with Yasui.


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