The Priest (神主 Kannushi?) is the caretaker of the Meteorological Shrine and a minor character in Weathering With You.


The priest is a short, elderly man with many notable blotches and wrinkles on the skin around his face. He has long gray hair that starts around the crown of his head, small eyes and a notably wide mouth, two prominent front teeth protruding from it when he speaks. The priest wears a traditional white and red Japanese rope.


Not much of the priest's personality is explored during the events of the movie, however he is shown to be very passionate about the folklores he passes down to Keisuke Suga and Natsumi Suga, even breaking into a coughing fit after speaking so intensely about them.



The priest is visited by Keisuke and Natsumi as they research the Sunshine Girl phenomenon for work. He tells the pair of a folktale from ancient Japan in which every village had a Sunshine Girl and a Rain Girl, but she would always end up paying a hefty price for changing the weather. He warns them of this, as any girl with weather-changing powers nowadays, too, would also have to suffer for her power.


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