Nagi Amano (天野 凪 Amano Nagi?) is Hina Amano's younger brother who is an elementary student and one of the three tritagonists of Weathering With You. Despite being young, he is popular with the girls due to his "mature behavior".


Nagi is a young boy with silky chin-length hair which reaches where he tucks behind his ears. He is also quite similar to his sister as they have black hair with a dark blue hue and blue eyes, but the only difference is that Nagi has a darker shade of blue.

His appearance 3 years later isn't much different, the only notable contrast between it and his original appearance being that he's now taller.



Nagi is a confident boy who is popular with the girls his age, and seems to be a bit of a playboy. His maturity and knowledge concerning girls belies his age, convincing even Hodaka Morishima to refer to him as "sempai." He possesses a caring side and a sense of self-awareness evidenced by his desire to see his sister experience a normal teenager's life, as she does a lot for him.



Nagi was born in 2011 to Megumi Amano in Tokyo, Japan. Nothing much is known about his father, but it is likely that he died or divorced Megumi prior to the events of 2020. After losing his mother to a fatal illness, Nagi was supported financially by Hina as the two were forced to live alone.


"What a player!"

Nagi, along with Ayane and Kana, are spotted by Hodaka on the bus during Hodaka's first few days in Tokyo. Since Nagi waves one girl off to see another, Hodaka thinks to himself that Nagi is a player.

After Hina and Hodaka meet and arrange a meeting at Hina's house, Nagi once again appears, walking in on the two discussing the Sunshine Girl job and thinking that they're weird as he heads to the fridge. Inspired by the idea of the Sunshine Girl, Hodaka proposes that they start a business together; Hina could provide her mysterious ability to people who want clear weather for special events. Nagi's roped into joining by Hodaka, and their business becomes a great success. They attract a large number of clients ranging from kindergarten students to corporate giants.

Hina, Nagi and Hodaka take a job for Fumi Tachibana at her house, clearing the sky for her so that she can light a fire for her deceased husband.

Nagi educates Hodaka.

Hodaka watches Nagi's school soccer match, asking online what the best gift to get Hina would be as Nagi scores a goal. Nagi finishes his game and sits with Hodaka, Hodaka explaining to him that he doesn't know what to get Hina since Natsumi and the Internet had been no help. Nagi asks him if he's in love with Hina, and he blushes furiously as he denies it. Nagi coaches Hodaka on love as the two discuss Hina together.

At the park, Keisuke Suga and his daughter Moka Suga play together with Nagi as Hina and Hodaka sit and watch them. It gets dark and the rain begins again after a while so they depart and split off, Nagi going with the Sugas to a restaurant so that Hodaka can be left alone with Hina.

After a police officer comes to the Amano abode and threatens to take Hina and Nagi into custody, Nagi decides to run away with Hina and Hodaka, but the weather worsens even more abnormally as it starts to snow. On the streets, the three are apprehended and Hodaka is caught by two police officers as he attempts to run away but is saved by Hina, who distracts the police by praying for lightning to strike nearby. This then allows the trio to escape to a hotel.

Nagi finds out that Hina's gone.

They spend the night at the hotel and Nagi falls asleep quickly after bathing and a short feast and karaoke session. When he next wakes, it's sunny outside, Hina is gone from her room and the police are inside the hotel. Nagi and Hodaka are taken into custody.

In the facility he's put in, Nagi invites Ayane and Kana to his room. As planned, Kana asks the staff member watching over them where the restroom is, allowing Nagi and Ayane to swap clothes while the officer isn't present. Nagi then escapes the facility as Ayane, running to the tower Hodaka had gone to in search of Hina. When Yasui tries to stop Hodaka, Nagi jumps on him, allowing Hodaka to pass and screaming to him that he better save Hina. After Hodaka successfully brings his sister back, Nagi watches from a police car as the rain begins again.


Nagi is seen to still be close with the Suga family even after 3 years, as Keisuke shows Hodaka in a photo of them he has on his phone.


  • Nagi's surname contains the kanji for "sky" ( ama?) and "field, plain" ( no?), and his first name is written with "calm" ( nagi?).


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