Moka Suga (須賀 萌花 Suka Moka?) is Keisuke Suga's daughter and a minor character in Weathering With You.


Moka is a young child of short stature, with brown hair that curls like her mother's and wide brown eyes. She has a prominent blush on her cheeks, and wears a blue seifuku dress with a bow at her chest and knee-high navy blue socks.

Three years later, it's shown that Moka has grown taller, and her hair has become longer, the permanent blush she had also disappearing.



Moka is a bright and smily child, ever grateful for her father's visits even though Mrs. Mamiya doesn't allow the two to meet very often. She's shown to enjoy making daisy chains and gets along with Nagi Amano despite him being twice her age. After she's given the chance to play in the park with her father, she runs up to Hina Amano and hugs her, thanking her for making it sunny so they could play.



Moka was born to Keisuke and Asuka Suga on March 3, 2016. Her parents measured her height against a wooden pillar every year on her birthday. She was 70.8 cm on her first birthday, 82.4 cm on her second birthday, and 89.1 cm on the third. When her mother passed away, she was taken into custody by her maternal grandmother, Mrs. Mamiya, against her father's will. She developed asthma, which prevents her from going out when it rains.


On August 21, 2021, Moka gets to play with her father at the Shiba Park. She also gets to know Hina, Nagi and Hodaka Morishima there.


Three years later, Keisuke shows Hodaka that he, Natsumi Suga, Nagi and Moka had many outings together even though it'd been raining endlessly, implying that Keisuke had managed to win custody of his daughter as he'd hoped. However, the light novel suggests otherwise that she is still living with her grandparents.


  • Moka's surname contains the kanji for "necessity, ought" ( su?) and "joy" ( ga?), and her first name is written with "sprout" ( mo?) and "flower" ( ka?).
    • She shares the last kanji of her first name with her mother.


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