Keisuke Suga (須賀 圭介 Suga Keisuke?) is a writer from a small editing studio and one of the three tritagonists of Weathering With You.


Keisuke is a tall and slender middle-aged man with curly brown hair and narrow black eyes. He wears a silver wedding ring on his left ring finger and occasionally wears black-rimmed glasses.



Although he has a kind heart, Keisuke is deeply troubled by the death of his wife and his daughter's asthma, which makes him fall into alcoholism and smoking. His struggle to take back Moka's custody also makes him a coward as he quickly fires Hodaka to avoid getting in trouble with the law when approached by the police. However, his grief for his wife also leads him to heroic acts as he empathizes Hodaka's desperation to save Hina Amano. Unlike his niece, Keisuke doesn't believe in supernatural stories and only pursues them for money.



Keisuke came from a distinguished family of legislators, in which his parents had high expectations for him, but was overshadowed by his more brilliant older brother (Natsumi's father). Because of this, he ran away from his hometown to Tokyo when he was a teen, where he met and married Asuka Mamiya, and she gave birth to their daughter Moka Suga. A few years before the events of Weathering With You, his wife passed away in an accident, and her mother took Moka's custody from him. He founded K&A Planning Co., Ltd, which was presumably named after his name "Keisuke" and his wife's name "Asuka".


Hodaka's thank-you to Keisuke.

Following an unspecified visit to Kozushima, Keisuke first meets Hodaka when the latter almost gets thrown off the ferry they're both riding when a freak rainstorm hits it. Keisuke saves him, and Hodaka then treats him to a meal as a thanks for his help. Keisuke gives him his business card in case he ever needs help as they depart the ferry.

A few days later, Keisuke's contacted by Hodaka and is hired as an assistant to his small publishing company, K&A Planning Co., Ltd. Keisuke, Hodaka and Natsumi make a toast to his appointment.

Keisuke meets up with his late wife's mother in a café to discuss custody of his daughter. She rejects his request to see Moka, pointing out that he is still smoking and would give a bad impression to the child.

Later, Natsumi writes out her resumé as she waits in the car for Keisuke to get off the phone. Keisuke pulls out a cigarette, but doesn't end up lighting it as Ame jumps up onto the desk in front of him, then deciding to call Mrs. Mamiya about his daughter. He gets into the car with Natsumi and they discuss Hodaka and his other job together, Natsumi becoming disgusted at Keisuke as he tells her how little he pays him.

Keisuke and Natsumi continue to investigate urban legends surrounding the mysterious girl who can change the weather. They visit a priest at a shrine who tells them a legend of a weather maiden whose power comes at a great price.

Keisuke and his daughter.

At the park, Keisuke and his daughter Moka Suga are playing together with Nagi as Hina and Hodaka sit and watch them. Hina's last job had been to clear the sky for Moka so she could go outside and play despite her asthma. Keisuke comes over to sit with the two and Hodaka asks him how he knew this was his job and about him having a daughter, but he's ignored as Keisuke instead praises Hina for her abilities. The trio talk for a while until Natsumi arrives, at which time Hodaka exclaims, turns to Keisuke and asks him if he'll be in trouble with her since he has a wife. Keisuke laughs at his misunderstanding and Hina and Natsumi accuse him of being a pervert. Nagi and Moka call Keisuke and Hodaka over to them as the girls discuss the departed men and their similarities.

It gets dark and the rain begins again so the six depart and split off, Nagi going with the Sugas to a restaurant and Hodaka and Hina walking back to the Amano abode together. After eating, Keisuke waits outside of Hina's house for Hodaka in his car. The police had visited the house beforehand. When Hodaka arrives, Keisuke fires him from his job and gives him severance pay. Keisuke apologizes for his inability to help Hodaka any further because he doesn't want any complications that could deter his filing for custody for his daughter.

Later, after Hodaka has been caught by and escaped from the police in order to chase Hina, Keisuke waits inside the tower for the boy. Keisuke attempts to stop him from running away any further, but Hodaka aims a gun at Keisuke to stop him interfering. The police manage to infiltrate the building and surround Hodaka. Driven by his concern for the desperate Hodaka, Keisuke helps him escape from the police. After Hina's been rescued, Keisuke watches the rain begin again from where he stands in police custody.


During the 3 years Hodaka spends away from Tokyo, Keisuke grows his business into a larger corporation. Hodaka visits him upon returning, and Keisuke shows him how his family is doing before encouraging the boy to visit Hina.


  • Keisuke's surname contains the kanji for "necessity, ought" ( su?) and "joy" ( ga?), and his first name is written with "corner, edge" ( kei?) and "assistance, care" ( suke?).


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