Kana (香菜 Kana?) is Nagi Amano's girlfriend and a minor character in Weathering With You.


Kana is a short young girl with fair skin and wavy brown hair that falls past her shoulders. She has small brown eyes and is seen to sport a white dress shirt, a dark gray pinafore and a black ribbon at her neck.


Kana is shown to be a happy and jovial girl who's a big fan of Nagi, often spending her time with him. She's shown not to get jealous even when Nagi interacts with Ayane, his ex-girlfriend, which may be because she believes he's loyal to her.



Kana first appears after Ayane has gotten off the bus Nagi is riding with Hodaka, jumping on the vehicle when Ayane leaves and rushing over to Nagi, which makes Hodaka think to himself that Nagi is a player.

When Nagi finishes his soccer match and sits on the bleachers to coach Hodaka Morishima, Kana is briefly seen waving to him as she passes by.

Much later, when Nagi is placed in a facility following Hina Amano's disappearance, Kana and Ayane are invited to the room he's staying in. As per the plan, Kana asks the staff member watching over them where the restroom is, taking her out of the room so Ayane and Nagi can swap clothes in order for Nagi to escape.


  • Kana's name contains the kanji for "incense" ( ka?) and "greens, vegetables" ( na?).


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