Fumi Tachibana (立花 冨美 Tachibana Fumi?) is a senior citizen and a minor character in Weathering With You.


Fumi is an elderly woman of a pale complexion, with visible wrinkles on her face. She has gray hair that's cut to her chin and worn swept behind both ears and over her forehead, parted to her right. Her eyes are a similar shade of gray.


Fumi is a kind old woman who seems to care for old traditions. She's very welcoming towards Hina Amano, Nagi Amano and Hodaka Morishima when she contacts them for a job, even playing in the garden with the siblings after her grandson comes over.



Fumi hires Hina for a job in the August of 2021, asking her to clear the sky so that she can hold the Obon ceremony for her late husband who passed away one year before. Fumi says to Hodaka it's a shame that they're quitting the job, but Hodaka explains that they have no choice since Hina was caught on camera at the festival and thus wants to lay low for a while. Taki Tachibana arrives at Fumi's house and lights her fire for her, Fumi encouraging Hina to do the same for her deceased mother when she reveals her passing. Taki and Hodaka discuss Hina as she, her brother and Fumi play in the garden.


Hodaka visits Fumi once again when he returns to Tokyo, realizing that the one outgoing job request had been sent by her. The two converse about the submerged state of Tokyo, and Fumi says to Hodaka after he apologizes that she thinks things are just going back to the way they used to be; Tokyo had been nothing but sea once upon a time after all.


  • Fumi's surname contains the kanji for "to stand" ( tachi?) and "flower" ( bana?), and her first name is written with "wealth" ( fu?) and "beautiful" ( mi?).


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