Ayane (綾音 Ayane?) is Nagi Amano's ex-girlfriend and a minor character in Weathering With You.


Ayane is a short girl with fair skin and short dark brown hair that curls inwards up each cheek, with uneven bangs hanging over her forehead. She also has violet-colored eyes.


Ayane is initially shown to have a similar demeanour to Kana as Nagi Amano waves her off the bus. It's assumed that she and Nagi broke up soon after this event, and her personality was seen to be rather different during her next appearance; she's much more brash and tells Nagi off for making her go along with his plan.



Ayane first appears on the bus with Nagi, him waving her off as she exits from the opposite door to the one Kana simultaneously enters from.

Much later, when Nagi is placed in a facility following Hina Amano's disappearance, Ayane and Kana are invited to the room he's staying in. As per the plan, Kana asks the staff member watching over them where the restroom is, taking her out of the room so Ayane and Nagi can swap clothes in order for Nagi to escape. Ayane tells Nagi off for making his ex participate in his plans.


  • Ayane's name contains the kanji for "twill" ( aya?) and "sound, noise" ( ne?).
  • In the police station, she fills her name as Ayane Hanazawa (花澤綾音 Hanazawa Ayane?). Ayane is, of course, her real first name, but the alias Hanazawa may have been taken from the name of Kana's Japanese voice actress, Kana Hanazawa.


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